Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Tests are the overall summarization of about a sector of information in a month of information that is plugged into our minds. Half of the time tests can end up being on only half of the material, which is why it is vital to go forth in studying all of the material, and not just segments. You are not going to get anywhere by just gazing and reading notes. You need to space out your studying, and find other options that deal with cognitive, visual, and auditory of the mind. The first step to effectively retain the information that has been given out in class is making sure you have a go to study space at your house, at a local coffee shop, outside, etc. I work best when I know the space around me is clean and tidy, and this limits distractions and helps your eyes not wander. I also find that sticking with print for most of your studying instead of virtual studying actually helps me focus more and it makes the experience seem more worthwhile and authentic. I like to play some music to drown out exterior noises but do not play your music too loud or you will find yourself focusing on that more than the material in front of you. I cannot say this will work for everybody, but go ahead and get some form of exercise in before getting to your notes to waken your brain and your senses. Obviously procrastinating is the worst option in preparing for a test so make sure to space out your studying time. If you have two tests at the end of the week, spend about an hr on each at two different times of the day. Do not spend too much time on one subject the first day because this could lead to you forgetting it the next day. To effectively retain material twice in one day, I like to take naps in between sessions. This way it feels like I have effectively two whole days, when in reality it only has been one day. Lastly, change the scenery in which you study. I get restless when I am plopping my books and notes down on the same desk everyday and it is nice to be in fresh air.

Ryan from Georgia
High School Senior
Kennesaw State