Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

There are a few key things for me if I want to get a good score on a test. First, it is important to know how you focus best. Do you work well in groups? Independent? A quiet place? Do you like music? Set a time to dedicate yourself to studying at your desired location at a specific time every day to get into the routine. This will help train your brain to become more focused on what you need to study to prepare you for the test. It is also crucial to communicate with people when learning new material. Find a tutor, a teacher, or someone else who is skilled in what you are preparing for and ask them questions. Often, your comprehension of a subject may have gaps that you would have no way of knowing if you did not ask for help first. They may also have tips and tricks that will save you on the exam.

As the test approaches, make sure that you get an appropriate amount of sleep the night before. This does not mean get more sleep than your body is used to, because this can make you overly groggy. Try not to stay up overly late and get the number of hours that your body is used to. Also, make sure to eat a balanced breakfast the morning of. Even if you are running late, some brain food as you run out the door can greatly increase your focus. All the materials that you need for the exam should have been set out the night before, so you don't accidentally waste time looking for them before you leave. Finally, take a deep breath. If you fidget, bring something with you that you can fidget with. The most important thing to remember when you start an important exam is to remain calm. Although it can be stressful, this is the moment you have prepared for, and there is nothing you can do aside from your best. With this strategy, you can maximize your preparedness to perform to your utmost ability.

Cynthia from New York
College Sophomore
Northeastern University