Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My favourite test preparation strategies are flashcards and practice tests and quizzes. Flashcards are an amazing way for me to remember key points, terms and definitions, and formulas. For example, when I took AP NSL my sophomore year, I used flashcards to help me memorize important Supreme Court cases. I ended up with a score of 5 on that exam. When I took AP Chemistry as a junior, I used flashcards to help me memorize laws, formulas, and equations. I got a score of 4 on that exam. Now as a senior, I am using flashcards in AP Calculus BC to help me memorize theorems and formulas, as well as general simple derivatives and integrals. Additionally, flashcards are very easy to start at the beginning of courses and they are very easy to add on to as you find more new things that you want to commit to memory.
Practice tests are another test preparation strategy that works amazingly for me. They are ways to test to see what your strong points are and good indicators of what you should go back and review before the big test. Practice tests were extremely useful to me as I prepared for my AP Chemistry exam last year. I had bought a Princeton Review book and it came with three practice tests which I took to see what my weak points were. I would take one, study my weak points, take another, study my weak points, and so on. These practice tests really were a crucial player in getting me to a score of 4 on that exam.
I would really encourage the use of flashcards and practice tests and quizzes to prepare for big tests and exams. They do not even need to be AP exams. Flashcards and practice tests and quizzes can also help you prepare for simple unit tests. Over all, I firmly believe that the use of flashcards alongside practice tests and quizzes is the best way to prepare for big, important tests and exams.

Abigail from Maryland
High School Senior
Damascus High School