Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

With new technologies and educational developments, studying should seem relatively easy. As I prepare to graduate as a Summa Cum Laude, most people would think that studying with these accessories came easily to me. However, for most students including myself, studying is more tedious than easy. It took me four years to figure out that my favorite test preparation practice is quizzing myself with classic white index cards. Classic white flashcards work best for me because they are perfect for memorizing specific details and big concepts. One reason why flashcards are helpful is the idea that you must write down information from your notes. This requires you to look back at your notes and ingrains the information in your head. Studies show that writing material by hand helps a person retain the information more than solely typing it out. For example, I can use the “Flashcard” setting on services like Quizlet, but it will take longer for me to retain the information because I typed it out. Secondly, flashcards hold you accountable for distinguishing what you know and what you don’t know. When studying, I make physical piles of flashcards to differentiate between the information that I have retained and the information that I haven’t. Seeing the flashcards that represent the “I Don’t Know” pile make me feel responsible for memorizing that information. By using the physical flashcards, I have noticed significant improvement on my tests. However, I do think that studying is being redefined and a balance between studying by hand and studying online must be achieved. Fortunately, I think that I am working to achieve that balance for myself. I use resources like Quizlet for fact-based quizzes, like vocabulary quizzes for my IB Italian class. I have found that paper flashcards are much more helpful in understanding bigger concepts with specific details, like when I study for my unit tests in my IB Biology class. When I begin college in the fall, I am excited to have access

Ellie from New York
High School Senior
Harrison High School