Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My test preparation practices include knocking myself for my own mistakes. I believe that when most people study and they get a question wrong, they will mark it as if they knew it all along. What I have implemented in my own studies is holding myself accountable for my own mistakes, because that is how we learn best. Failure is not something to fear but something to accept and learn greatly from.
Also, by applying meaning to words and phrases, ones that are not found in a textbook and have meaning to yourself further my own studying. Psychologically, this is known as semantic encoding and I have found that taking the extra time in order to place this in my studying habits has helped. For example, in my past biology class I used this method since it was one of the most difficult courses I took. When I was studying for a test or quiz, I would imagine the process in my head and talk through it to myself. This allowed me to find out where the holes in my own knowledge were along with what I knew well and could look over again just to over study and ensure that my encoding was successful. Ultimately, this method of studying did help greatly as I ended up with an A overall grade in the class and immense satisfaction.
To further show that my methods work, I have friends that are now taking that same biology class and from my past methods of studying I still retain the information that I had encoded from my own tests. I can then use this to give them tips to succeed and walk them through processes that are incredibly difficult to understand on such a microscopic level.
Overall, the use of semantic encoding and holding myself accountable for my own mistakes and misjudgments in studying has led me to be proud of my own work and to strive for my highest potential academically.

Corey from Ohio
High School Senior
Miamisburg High School