Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

To prepare for a test I take organized and clear notes and ask questions to increase my understanding of the course material. When in need, I attend tutoring services. If tutoring is unavailable I make sure I meet with my teacher after class for better understanding on material I don't understand. First you have to set study goals. Instead of waiting to study the night before the test start by studying the week before. Also organize the information you have to remember. You can do this by: index cards, sticky notes, and even highlight the information with highlighters. When using index cards I use memory tricks such as associating difficult material with something I already know or can relate to. When there is various amounts of material to remember I divide the material into sections and concentrate on a portion at a time. If the test is open ended, I practice predicting and answering test questions. If I ever may need more practice problems I search for websites on the internet and YouTube videos to help me with the specific material. These videos and websites helped me by teaching me a different way than my teacher which can sometimes be easier for students. The night before the test I make sure to get plenty of sleep and don't study no more than two hours. The more you study the information it can cause you to forget the material. Also set an alarm the night before to avoid rushing and to eat a healthy breakfast. With these test taking tips I did very well on all my test and I believe this may help others too.

Elisa from Alabama
High School Senior
Pleasant Grove High School