Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Practice makes perfect, right? Well, it's certainly true in my experience. Whenever I truly want or need to get better at a task, I buckle myself down and just do it. I don't have any fancy or extravagant ways of studying. All I do is sit myself down, focus and work hard at whatever I need to do in order to prepare and fulfill the objective at hand. It could from preparing for a test the next day to just wanting to get better at a video game. My preparation for tests is to read over the material of the class over and over. But not just the day before. I read over any of the notes and knowledge from the class every day over and over so I can have some repetition of information in my head. It also helps me from getting behind and allows time for other responsibilities. Then I do some practice problems to ensure that I truly know the information that I studied and to further prepare myself for the test. Why does this work for me? Practice makes perfect. That's about it. To me, studying is nothing more than that. It is hard to get good at something when you haven't put in the effort and time into it. To learn in life, we, as humans, need to practice. That may lead us to failure but that is all a part of the practice and learning.

Jonathan from Georgia
High School Senior
Northgate High School