Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Over the years I've tried many different ways to study and prepare for a test, but the summer before my senior year I had to work twice as hard to prepare for the fall SAT tests when all my friends were enjoying the last moments of warm summer weather.
I spent about 10 hours a day for three weeks studying SAT concepts, taking practice tests and reviewing my answers. The most important thing is to review wrong answers and try to re-do those problems over and over until you master them. The next important element of the success is repetition until some more difficult topics and materials go into your long-term memory, and become your second nature where you do not worry about trying to remember a formula or rule but instead you simply recall it, apply it and go on.
I used several test preparation services on a trial basis but they all were too expensive to subscribe, so I used old SAT books with practice tests to practice full tests and by the time I was ready for September SATs, I practiced full test 5-6 times. Many questions on SAT were very similar to what I already reviewed and solved at home, and I took that test in a breeze.

Alexandra from Maryland
High School Senior
Walt Whitman High