Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The modern education system is exam-oriented, in order to regulate the studying progress and to make sure the students work and learn. Nowadays there are specific, widespread examination methods and various types of tests that students have to go through, which match to different preparation practices.
The first type of tests examines the student’s ability to remember precise facts and to be able to elaborate in great detail what they have learned. My study approach is minimizing the quantity of words into shorter summaries with highlighted keywords. For example, a literature exam tests both the course of the piece and the literary characteristics and analysis. Usually, in the summary given by the teacher the story is detailed and explained to a great extent. I take out most conjunctions and adjectives, extract the important parts into a “mini-summary” and remember key facts by remembering specific words. Since I have a graphic memory, I use another method - creating graphic representations. History summaries can be easily turn into systematic and precise timelines.
The second type examines deep comprehension and the ability to apply it to new information. This type could be used both for STEM subjects and humanities. In this case practice makes perfect, helping to naturally think of solutions. The human brain thinks in a set of previously known patterns, and typically completes them. For instance, when you hear the beginning of a song you know, the brain instinctively completes the rest of the words and melody. This ability can be used in a math test as well , by repeating simple questions to train the brain to conclude the answer in a certain way. For example, once solving quadratic equations becomes intuitive, there is no need to recite formulas.
Lastly, my main advice is to know your strongest advantages, like graphic memory in my case. Most of all, believe in yourself.

Noa from Massachusetts
High School Senior