Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

As a child growing up in an urban environment where violence was common, it was my primary focus to jumpstart my education as fast as I could. In the Bronx, New York, it was all about survival. The key to survival for me was school. In high school, I upheld the CEO position of a virtual company we had established, all while dual enrolled in three college courses, and maintaining my status on the Dean’s list. The driving force for me was I’d be able to go anywhere for school if I tried hard enough. That’s when I found Santa Fe College. My passion was to pursue medicine; ultimately was to become a surgeon in cardio possibly. Now I’m sure you’re wondering, why haven’t I done something as of yet? Well we all have to start from somewhere. While attending Santa Fe, I got my Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) license. Now, I’m getting ready to work at Sound Shore’s Dialysis Center as a Patient Care Tech (PCT). It’s not ideal, which is true, but it’s a great start at ‘putting my foot in the door’ so to speak. With that experience and training, I’ current;y working on getting my certification as a Hemodialysis Technician. Being in the atmosphere of a place where you are even treating the slightest irregularity that could possibly save someone’s life is truly humbling. This is why I applied for the MD program. Getting the experience I need will guide me to the right area of medicine. Eventually, after getting my Bachelor's of Science, then I’d like to go straight into medical school after. It’s online and will take about three years, and then my doctorate of course. Soon after that, I’d be able to truly understand with a foundation already in the medical field whether I’d go even further for medical school. The great thing about the medical field is that it’s flexible enough to do surgery as well. It’s truly one of the ongoing fascinations I have in regards to medicine.
Another continuous motivator for me is family. It’s quite understandable for many college students to not real

Destiny from New York
College Junior
Trinity School of Medicine