Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Usually, I have so many things going on that I usually just study by myself. Most of the time, I just read the material over and over until I feel like I have at least a general idea of the knowledge I should have. After that, I start questioning myself without looking, and circle the ones I have trouble with. Then I will go back to focus on those that I have trouble with. If I continue to get it wrong, it goes to the back of the pile. I have to get it right three times consecutively in order to erase the circle and focus on the other ones. After I have all the difficult ones down, I will skim over the entire study set a few times to refresh myself before the test. This method works even better with another person, as that makes it more fun, and you are less likely to peek at the answer and say you know it. It is also beneficial to rearrange the questions as you study, because then your brain is prepared for the actual question rather than the number. This particular method works the best for me because it makes me prioritize what I need to work on, learning everything I need to without focusing on the easy ones. Once you have the harder questions down, the rest will be a piece of cake. Repetitiveness really works for me, because the more you are exposed to something, the more likely it is that you will remember it. I also find that studying with the actual words in front of my eyes and writing down the answers when I practice helps, because I learn to associate specifically shaped words with certain movements of my pencil. It is a prime example of classical conditioning.
I also think that other effective ways to practice are basically anything that is made competitive. Studying is always much more fun when there is somebody to beat or a prize to win. It motivates you to want to learn the things you have to. You try harder too and stay more focused because of that desire. I have always remembered things really well by playing games like Jeopardy and Kahoot.

Claire from Oklahoma
High School Senior
Hennessey High School