Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

One of my biggest test preparation is studying every night during the semester. I like using flashcards to memorize any dates or any important information. All these study nights help even if it's just 30 mins everyday. another big thing I do is i don't study the night before (i know crazy)! you know the information don't stress out to much you studied all semester its time to relax and get your mind together before the big test. I love using highlighters in my notes this is important because if my professor says this is gonna be on the test I highlight it in pink to remind myself when i review my notes again I know i should pay close to this part of the passage. My favorite thing to do is do a face mask the night before it just relaxes me and gets me ready. These have been a big help during school because I just remind myself study everyday and when the test come I'm not stressing and worrying. another tip that might help or is a good test prep CONFIDENCE tell your self you are gonna pass and you got this it helps and don't think negative if you don't get the grade you want talk to your teacher and see what was something you need to study on.

grace from Colorado
College Freshman
community college of aurora