Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

What always tends to work for me is to just simply to start preparing early. From my experience even if the subject matter might be one that I struggle to get good grades in, that can easily be remedied by starting early for some good reasons. One reason being is that it obviously gets you enough time to cover all the material that will be in a test, a mistake that I often come across is that even if you start studying at a reasonable time frame it may not give you adequate time to fully understand what will be in the test. This, in essence, provides a buffer of time to make sure you have the time to cover all the subjects in the test if need be. Secondly, it also helps provide people who have a hard time remembering material to just practice the material. More often than not most people do know the material but simply forget it soon after learning it and the time taken to learn how to solve and learn the solutions by heart provides a safety net especially for those who struggle in the testing environment. Another reason to start early is to take advantage of the camp resources around you to help you fully understand and to help answer any questions on the material for the test. While it might be obvious as well, the fact being is that it gives students the time to truly take advantage of these sources and in effect, help propel them along their studies giving them more time to study. But I think how this can mostly benefit is mentally. What I tend to experience is that even with all of the former applied, their effectiveness becomes stunted in the scenario that the student feels like they haven't studied enough and the mental stress they experience makes them not remember the material as effectively. It's imperative that there's time within studying for a student to just gather themselves mentally in order to ensure that they don't experience heavy testing stress and can take steps to do more menial steps to prepare such as arriving at the test on time.

Yeuriel from Texas
College Sophomore
Texas Tech