Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

For years, my preferred way of studying was flashcards, and Quizlet really made it easy to make and practice them on the go. Now that I am in nursing school and there are a lot more questions that require application of information rather than just recalling information, I have had to switch up my study habits. Of course, it helps to reread content from PowerPoints and textbooks to drill the content into my head, but the best way I've learned to ace my exams are to actually apply the information in my life when I can. I work in a hospital, so it makes it a lot easier to put my critical thinking to the test while I'm submerged in my test material. When I'm not in the hospital, or I can't apply something to my work environment, I make scenarios up with patients as the main characters, and intertwine exam information into it so I have something to think back to when I'm testing. I think this works so well for me because I'm a psychomotor learner, and I retain information if I've done something or can imagine doing something. A lot of my professors play off of this type of learning and offer case studies during class to try to help us understand how we would apply the info in a clinical setting, which really helps kickstart the learning process.

Angela from West Virginia
College Sophomore
West Virginia University