Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

From an early age studying has been hard and I constantly have to adjust my study routine. Right when I think I found the best way to study something changes and I am back to square one. My earlier years of high school were very rough when it came to studying. Studying techniques that worked for one class almost never worked for another class. It got to the point where I had to have a different studying technique for every class. One option our school has is to attend tutorial after school. Tutorial is a time where we can go to teachers for extra help on homework or test material. When I have an upcoming test, I attend tutorial for extra practice and guidance from my teacher. I use different techniques for each class. For math class I review notes from that unit. After I have reviewed all of my notes I print out extra worksheets for additional practice. For science class I re-read the chapters from our textbook for that unit, then I review worksheets and labs. If there are any vocabulary words I need to know for science I create a Quizlet. When it comes to history I review any material from the unit and ask someone to quiz me on the material. I do not have many English tests but when I do they are usually vocabulary tests. I create a Quizlet for the vocabulary words as well as glance over any books we may have read to see the word in context. I will also ask one of my parents to quiz me on the vocab words from the Quizlet. If I find my studying techniques are not producing results, I ask my teacher for suggestions. I believe studying plays a huge part in success at school so it is very important. Flexibility is the key to success. Studying is not an exact science. Sometimes it is necessary to adjust your study habits if need be.

Ashley from New Jersey
High School Senior
Hunterdon Central Regional High School