Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Growing up I always struggled academically, I always felt left behind in my class, like the odd one out. Further in debt, the problem began to progress and show in my work. I remember being in the 5th grade and my mom had to come into a meeting where my teacher said I was not doing well and she was concerned. Shortly after, I eventually was diagnosed with ADHD. This changed my entire life especially in school. Overtime I still felt lost and couldn't figure out how to prove my potential, but I always knew I had it. I loved to read and write and had a strong liking for algebra. I ended up graduating high school with a 2.5 gpa and still felt like I hadn't succeeded to my full potential. I ended up going to college and playing lacrosse. With the struggles I still faced with ADHD, I ended up with a 3.2 gpa my first year and got awarded for it. But how did I do it? To this day I believe I have blossomed into something beautiful. Growth and motivation had allowed me to excel and realize that education is one of the best opportunities I'll always have. I find that the key element to doing well with test preparation would have to be time management and organization. Throughout high school I always found myself falling into the habit of procrastination. When I got to college I realized how I couldn't procrastinate with my schedule, so I purchased multi color pens. I looked at the syllabus for every class, the date for every exam, assignment and game I had and put it on my calendar and planner I had using different colors. I had soon come to realize that using different colors helped me separate each of the many things I had going on in my school life. In addition, I used this technique with taking notes in class as well. So while studying, If I saw the color pink I knew it was for my Psychology class and I would instantly remember what my professor said. This method allowed me to be more organized and open-minded. It made studying fun, clear and easier. I am motivated.

Jolie from New York
College Freshman
State University of New York at Purchase