Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The feeling of acing a test or exam you studied day and night for is an unexplainable feeling.Attempting different studying methods can be challenging to figure out which one works best for you. One of the most efficient test preparation practices for me is simply asking my teacher. Having a study session helps because some teachers are better helping a student understand one on one, versus learning with the entire class. Majority of the time, teachers are giving problems that are similar to those on the exams. Seeing the similar problems is beneficial to me because it continuously helps me learn how to do similar problems; just using different numbers. This method also helps me because it gives me the opportunity to ask questions that I may not have thought of during class. My teachers also give out unit summaries, which are helpful to me when studying. Another test preparation practice that is helpful for me is by using technology. Websites like Quizlet and Kahoot allow me to see and know the answer in various forms. Quizlet helps me because I can use it for various ways. It’s good for not only using flashcards, but I am able to quiz myself! Quizlet works best for me because I can get a visual of what my test may look like, and also have it graded too. Kahoot is a good test preparation for me because it’s helpful for timing. Before a test, my middle school teacher would always say, “You either know it, or you don’t”. I feel that Kahoot is an amazing website for that statement because you have to know the answer within a certain amount of time while playing the game. If I can’t answer that specific question within 30 seconds, that means I need to study that topic a little more. Another reason I love Kahoot is because I can work with my classmates. Being able to interact with others within my class is beneficial because I can see ways that others not only study, but their thinking process too. Which can help to give me other ways to study to remember the material.

NyAsia from South Carolina
High School Senior
Summerville High School