Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I am not one to stress over tests. I don’t get test anxiety. I try my best and essentially after reviewing my material and hit the ground running for tests. There was one time when I was nervous about a test. It was my sophomore year of high school and my first advanced placement test and since it was world history there was so much to refresh in a short time. After trying to study using notecards I just couldn’t organize the main themes and ideas. That is where my mirror in my bedroom came in handy. By using the mirror I was able to organize the notes I had and narrow them down to major themes in each period. I went through so many whiteboard markers to cover my five by eight-point three foot mirror the night before the big test. It was a struggle to figure out a way to help me retain the information but I got the inspiration from how my mom used to make me study for spelling tests in elementary school. She had me rewrite every word five times for a week until I had them memorized. By condensing my notes I essentially was able to memorize a plethora of facts that I thought would never stick in my brain. My mirror was my saving grace for that test but I also learned that I needed to organize my notes better. As of now, my mirror has not been used since, at least for studying because I use it to practice making weird faces. I now have more organized notes that help me study but if necessary I would not hesitate to use my mirror again to help me study and ace a test.

Paige from Oregon
High School Senior
St. Mary's School