Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I am a newly accepted nursing student at Resurrection University. Before getting accepted I had to take the Teas nursing entrance exam. The study materials I used that benefited me the most was the Mometrix Teas Secret book, Khan Academy, ATI Teas study practice test and Brandon Craft. The Teas Mometrix Secret broke everything down and included online videos to further explain topics in detail. Teas Mometrix Secret book was excellent for reading, english and math. Though, it was not detailed enough for the science portion of the exam. For the science and some of the grammar portion of Teas exam I used Khan Academy. Khan Academy broke down Anatomy and Physiology body systems like no other. Khan Academy is very detailed with their illustrations and really make you believe you can learn anything. In addition, I used the ATI teas practice test and study prep. ATI teas practice test and study prep helped me tremendously because it was just like the real test. All of ATI teas study material was worth its cost in gold. Lastly, for math I would advise anyone to used Brandon Craft, he can be found on YouTube and wrote his own Teas math study book. He is the absolute best, hands down when it comes to math especially for the Teas.

Seritta from Illinois
College Freshman
Resurrection University