Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Depending on whether I feel I am confident in excelling on a test I usually begin this process two weeks in advance of the exam. To begin, I research what the concepts and applications are for what I am being tested on. This proved beneficial when being confronted with applied and concept questions. Second, once I have a full understanding of the concepts and applications of the test material I then attempt practice problems on my own to see if I truly understand what I read. If not I watch videos about similar questions to see what I did wrong or what I can take away, maybe a technique, to use when doing similar problems. This is the longest step in my test preparation, usually taking weeks to master topics or lessons about the test material. My third step is reading about the lessons again to make sure I do not get caught up in memorizing how to answer only applied questions and a certain amount of conceptual questions. This is the most important step in my process due to my understanding of the material coming in full cycle once I read, practiced, and read again. The final step in my process is to create one page of material I believe are the most important things to remember during the exam and relax the evening before, typically reading a book or listening to an educational podcast. The day of the test I keep my mind clear of distractions and doubt because, in my opinion these two things are big influences of my performance during the exam.

Christopher from Texas
College Freshman
University of Houston