Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Travel is inevitable. Whether a student lives on campus and can walk to their classes in minutes or lives off-campus and needs to drive an hour to class, students everywhere spend valuable time every day getting from point A to point B. This time that is usually wasted is precious and can be used for studying. I came to this conclusion after realizing that I spend nearly 3 hours a day simply driving between my college, work, and home. While I believed there was not much more I could do with this time as driving requires concentration on your surroundings, I couldn't help but think of the words that had been repeated again and again by former teachers and professors, "Use your time wisely". I also noticed that the time I had set aside to study was mostly used to read my textbooks. This frustrated me further as I have always been a slow reader. I began to research various apps, such as audible, that would allow me to listen to my textbooks being read aloud as I drive. I also used text-to-speech applications and even recorded my own voice reading my flashcards and notes. Many of my professors also gave me permission to record the lectures. Listening to my notes helped me remember the main topics for tests and worked especially well in courses heavy on memorization such as anatomy. Though it took some time to convert my notes to speech or create a recording, I was much more efficient during my designated study time because I had memorized most of the material and could then spend my time focusing on detailed information that I would have otherwise not been able to get to. I was also able to apply this method of studying to my extracurricular activities. As a captain on my college's academic team, I created audio files of frequently asked or missed questions.Through this, my team members were confident at the buzzers and were able to qualify for the national competition both of the years I attended community college. I highly recommend listening to notes to any student.

Jacqueline from Oklahoma
College Junior
University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center