Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Whenever preparing for a test of sorts, I commit myself to a common method of study. First, reviewing my notes or textbook depending on the current notes. Second, Researching the information separately. And finally, reviewing once again by testing myself. This method consistently helps me get 85% or higher once perrformed correctly.
The first step is my least favorite but the most necessary. If I only know the general topic of discussion, then I can't complete the second step efficiently without narrowing the details down specifically. The goal of the first one is to make a more selective review. After, if there are any existing gaps in knowledge, I refer to the textbook to fill in the gaps. This step would approximately take from 30min to an 1 ½ hours.
Of course the next course of action is to research independently. This is to further understand the information. I know that when I only read the text and my notes, I’m only memorizing, not truly learning it. So in order to learn, I look up research videos on youtube and google to attempt to relearn all the information important naturally. This method is the most effective part of the review plan because I don’t often ever retain information that I don't find interesting. Things like history and certain aspects The next step is a final reflection on what you have learned.
After the first 2 steps, the last one is to reflect on what you have learned by a personal test. With methods through Quizlet and or hand make flash cards, it works well to review multiple times. But, if the person who assigned the test provides a test review, you should always base your final review off of their review. This ensures that your information is correct.
Without fail, whenever I committed myself to this method 100% it worked efficiently. But, there have been times where I only did step 2 and 3 without looking at 1. This resulted in a 70%or higher score ratio. I learned though that cutting corners doesn’t work with studying.

Timothy from California
High School Senior
Long Beach Polytechnic High School