Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When my teacher announces we have a test, of course we all panic to scramble up enough time to prepare for it. As a college student time is valuable especially for a studio major where most of my outside of class time is meant to make my art. I found my old practices from high school were useless against college exams; thus I created a new method to ace my exams. Depending on the subject of the test really changes my style, for instance, art history we are to memorize dates, names, and iconography of 30 plus images whereas for math or sciences classes you must study the materials taught to you as well as ask your teacher for further understanding to pass their exams. For me, I simple do three things to pass my art history exams. I first print the exam study guide and rewrite all my notes. Afterwards, I study the material every day memorizing and connecting art movements to corresponding images while also finding other artists during these movements that could help assist my understanding of the art as 50 percent of my exam is essay points. Finally, my final method to capture the perfect grade is to sleep on it. It's exactly as it sounds. I put my study materials under my pillow every night before the exam that way all the things I worked on to understand don't fade away in my dreams. This final method may seem silly, but it's an old childhood tradition that's never let me down.

Cheyenne from West Virginia
College Junior
West Virginia University