Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

As a test is assigned to me, I come home, thinking about the test non-stop, print out the given study guide, play some classical Harry Potter instrumental music to keep my brain in a calm setting and begin the journey of earning an A. Every now and then, I will eat snacks like goldfish, or fruit, but the majority of the time, I focus on my studies and eat as a break or a reward. Depending on the class, I believe my test preparation for Science Classes are the most impressive; for example, learning the heart, I drew out a complex-detailed version of a heart, colored it, traced it, and made a masterpiece out of it. Not only did it involve creativity, and joy, I ingrained, in my brain, what the heart does to keep us alive. As I learn different anatomy parts, I tend to draw out the part and detail it, which helps me better understand the function of the part. Generally, the majority of my test preparation practices, I tend to color code with fancy pens, highlighters, different fonts; my notes are well organized, that several teachers mention how everyone should be organized like me. As I'm a visual learner, I tend to draw big charts, use colors to help highlight the biggest key points, and most important I ask questions. I believe a great way of studying for a test, would be asking questions to your teacher; no question is too small to ask. As I was at first shy to ask questions-as I felt embarrassed to ask a question that might seem obvious-I started to ask anyway, and it helped me understand the material. Now I ask my teachers 3+ questions out of curiosity, which helps learn more about a certain topic and builds my confidence in knowing I can ace this test. As it took me a while to figure out what study habits work effectively for me, I now know what to do to help me become a successful and efficient student in college :)

Esperanza from California
High School Senior
Saint Mary's College High School