Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I believe the best start to achieving more efficient test prep practices is to first know how your learn best. I am an auditory learner so I based my test prep off of auditory practices. One of the most effective practices I use is typing out the test prep and then have my computer speak it back to me. I also like to listen YouTube videos for a better understanding on the topics. Another practice I use is recording the lecture and listening to it whenever I am running errands or cleaning. If the test prep is for a math class, I usually work out the practice problems while saying what I'm doing aloud so I can hear myself. I also like to incorporate music into my test prep because I love music and can remember songs easily. Sometimes YouTube will already have a song on the topic I need to study. If YouTube doesn't have a song made, I use a different beat for each subject and I create rhymes that I can easily remember when test day comes around. These practices work for me because my learning style is strongly auditory. I strongly believe that knowing your learning style makes a huge difference and can make studying something that you don't dread doing everyday.

K'Leigh from California
High School Senior
Bear Creek High School