Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When preparing for a test, how well I do always depends on the quality of notes I take. When first writing down the material, I write messy but legible, making sure I capture all of the material. After, I copy the notes into a separate notebook where I organize them and rewrite them neatly. This act of copying down previously taken notes is the first step in studying for me, as writing the material helps to solidify it in my mind.
Once I have gathered all the needed material for my test and have copied it down into my "neat" notebook, I go online and access my most trusted study tool: Quizlet. Here I condense all of my notes into questions and answers on the term and definition lines the website provides. If the content can't really be conditioned in to this format, I write it in a way that I can relate the material to the subject and put that text in the term and definition spaces. Once it is all complete, I use the "flashcards" option in which I can flip and switch between flashcards like one would be able to in reality. On one side is the term while the other holds the definition.
When using the flashcards, you swipe right on the screen if you have mastered the information and swipe left if you need to revisit the said flashcard. Thus, I go through the notecards as many times as needed until all the needed study material for the test is in the "mastered" category. Even after I have "mastered" all the material, I revisit it multiple times leading up to the test date to insure I retain the material. In conclusion, this is how I study for tests, and have found it to be a highly effective way to study that I often recommend to friends.

Emma from Michigan
High School Senior
Livingston Christian Schools