Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I believe I have really good test prep practices. To begin, I start studying 2+ weeks before any big exam, instead of crash studying 8 chapters the night before hyped up on caffeine. Instead I prefer to study 20-30 minutes each each for a couple weeks to prepare for an exam, which saves me stress and my sanity. I am a big index card girl. I find making note cards very helpful because a) you get the benefit of re writing your notes on the note cards then b) you can use these notes to test yourself on vocabulary and important ideas. My biggest test prep advice though is to teach other/ tutor!! I find helping others who may be struggling in a class so beneficial. Teaching someone requires a good understanding of the topic, so it is a good test of how much you know a certain topic. You get the benefit of reviewing important material while helping a classmate! I think repetition is key, you must review and review until you fully understand concepts. It is also vital to take practice tests. You can read your textbook as much as you want but you do not know if you are retaining any information if you do not test yourself. Overall, test prep is key to doing well in college because if you leave everything to the last minute you will not be able to keep up your gpa.

Hannah from New Jersey
College Sophomore
Pace University