Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Preparing for major testing always puts extra stress on those taking it, leaving everyone struggling to cope and learn at the same time. I for one have learned that putting in study time ahead of a big exam by about a week, helps to relieve the pressure, giving a sense of security that you know the material. Adding in that as you study a bit of material every day, test yourself of the new and old material as you go along. This is best done with flashcards, but in newer times we are able to use things such as Quizlet to help keep track of your progress and test in many ways. I also know that sometimes, with a friend going back and forth between each other, making a game out of the material is really good for memory retention and understanding. This is because while it is great for learning the new material, say while bouncing off of each other one has a question, this is a chance to make sure you know and understand the material and explain it with whom you're studying with.

Insi from Texas
High School Senior
Foster HIgh School