Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Preparing for a test is hard for some people, easy for others. Unfortunately i’m one of the people who struggle with test, and I know other do too so here’s how I prepare for a test. First thing’s first set a schedule, take the time out to study, go over the material multiple of times, and last for not least pass that test!
Taking the time out to make a schedule is the start of being organized and neat. I time myself and make schedules so that I can have time to study and time to also compete my work. It’s all about taking your time and being patient with yourself. When I make my schedule it’s the start of my new open mind ready to be filled with knowledge.
Once your time is set, you have to follow through with it. Studying takes nothing but time and commitment. I have to actually sit down and look at my work or textbook for about 5 minutes to make myself want to study. Making time is easy for me, but my problem is that I make time and don’t use it wisely. As you study you must make sure you are focus and know exactly what you are reading. Which is the main reason why you have to make the time to take it all in and study.
After studying I always make sure I understand what it was that I was reading or going over. It is very important that you review the material multiple of times so that you won’t forget it. It’s easy to forget something you just recently learned that’s why you refresh your memory over and over. I usually review my work everyday until the test and even minutes before I take the test. Even if you have to, quiz yourself. Most of the time I have someone quiz me with flashcards, because that helps me remember. Which ever way is best for your learning perspective should be a great way if preparing for a test.
Finally the big day! You’re sitting at your desk waiting to be handed your test. Time has started, take your time, think back to the night before when you were studying. Do what I do, I breathe in and out and i’m done, test over !

Keshara from Georgia
High School Senior
D.M. Therrell High School