Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The greatest test preparation for me is physical flashcards and quizlet an online flashcard website that allows me to test my skills in what I'm learning in class with games and mini quizzes which I find so useful! Another method is printing out pictures so you can get a visual of what you're trying to learn on that image and describe it easily in a test or in general. All of these preparation methods work so well for me because I''m a visual learner. I can't comprehend certain things if I don't see a visual of what is being taught to me. I have always found that flashcards, mini quizzes and games on quizlet, and printed images with labels on the back have always helped me get through high school especially in science when I took anatomy and physiology last year and we would get quizzed on the human body parts and what that certain body part does. I hope this helps all learners and educators!

Yasmine from Arizona
High School Senior
Desert View High School