Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation is the key factor when passing a class. You could do all the homework for the entire school year and not pass the test if you don't study properly. I've failed many tests because I didn't feel like studying. That's why I've created a technique that works best for me and helps me pass all my tests.
I like to start off with planning when I'm going to begin studying. I feel it's most imperative to absorb the knowledge closer to the date of the test so the material is fresh in my mind when I actually take the test. I like to start studying about 2-3 days before the test. I'll then set a time limit for how long I'll go over the material every day. On the first day of studying I'll usually go for about 30 minutes, and then every day after that I up the time another 30 minutes. So if I'm studying for one class for 3 days, by the third day I'll be studying for an hour and a half. This is very difficult to do while being a student-athlete, but it's very important for memorization of material.
Once I have the times down then I start my process. I always write in a blue pen because it's said that material is best memorized in a blue pen. I will go through every assignment, notes, or other materials that we have done in the chapter and pick out the things I know are key factors based on knowledge of the unit. Once I have all my information down on a piece of paper, I'll make flashcards. I'll make sections, form questions, and write the answers. Flashcards have helped me so much with memorization. If I want extra help in understanding a subject, I will go on websites I trust like Mometrix and Khan Academy. I believe these websites are the best way to find what study tips work best for you. Although my process is rigorous and time-consuming, I encourage every student to try it and see if their scores improve, because I know mine did. I believe every student needs to find what study techniques work best for them and watch their scores improve because of it.

Kayla from California
High School Senior
PInole Valley High School