Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I am a super visual person when it comes to remembering things just in general, but especially when it comes to tests. I create flashcards for all of the vocabulary terms and go through those until I am absolutely perfect on them. If it is a test with short answers or something similar then I will create a study guide and look through the notes I have taken to create this. I find that technique to be the most useful for my science and history classes because those are the most common tests with longer answers. If it is a math test then I find out what type of questions will be on the test and find anywhere from 5-10 questions for each type of problem and solve them and then check myself. These techniques work for me because I get the chance to write down what I know and then go back and figure out what I don't. By the time I get to the test, I know exactly how I want to word something or the quickest way to get to my answer. It almost becomes muscle memory with how much I go through it. It is also nice to have done these things because if you have a final at the end of the semester or quarter you are able to go back and use all those resources that you had already made. Instead of taking time away from studying for that super big test by trying to go back and find everything again it is already within an arms reach. With college coming up I plan on doing the same thing unless I find a way that better suits me but for now I find this to be one of the main reasons I have been so successful in my high school career.

Sydney from Nebraska
High School Senior
Centennial Public School