Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Good test preparation skills are essential for a student, especially if they are continuing their education through college. Testing can be an immensely stressful experience; however, with the correct tools and methods, taking a test does not have to be an arduous process. When I prepare for an upcoming test, I begin studying at least three days in advance, reread and rewrite notes, and utilize outside resources such as videos and flashcards. When getting the news I have a test coming up, I put aside at least thirty minutes a few days prior to begin my review of the material. During these shorter studying sessions, I like to focus on a broader review such as memorizing vocabulary and understanding overall topics and processes. For instance, if I had a biology test in three days, I would spend the first two days making sure I had all of the vocabulary, as well as the processes of what we were learning (like photosynthesis), completely memorized. Then, the night before the test I would gauge how comfortable I was with the information and set aside how much time I need to review any specific material as well as remind myself of what I was looking at the prior study sessions. This method allows me to have time to comprehend all of the material without becoming overwhelmed the night before a test. Moreover, while studying, I find it important to reread and rewrite my notes. By rereading what I had previously written, I can draw more connections and bring more understanding to the bigger picture. Then, by rewriting most everything, I allow myself another chance to memorize and reorganize all my thoughts on paper. I am also keen on using outside resources to better understand difficult topics before a test. For instance, if I was confused about identifying different vocabulary, I may look up some vocabulary sets online to study. Or, if I found an idea difficult, I may watch online videos that explain with a bit more depth. These practices greatly help me study for tests.

Taylor from Pennsylvania
High School Senior
Fairview High School