Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I have tried many different methods when it comes to studying/preparing for exams. After many attempts over the years, I have perfected my personal technique for studying. The first thing I like to do is re-read my lecture notes. This helps generally implant the information in my mind. Next, I like to make a google slide presentation of every section of lecture notes included on the exam. This presentation is different than my general lecture notes because every section/chapter is compiled into one place along with any extra information I deemed necessary in the notes of each slide. Next, I like to use any online application to construct flashcards with important definitions or quiz questions. This helps me separate the definition information I need to know from the concepts I need to understand, along with testing my knowledge using previous quizzes I've taken for the course (if applicable). Finally, I make physical notecards with any important information. These notecards could consist of any crucial information or simply graphs I need to interpret, for example. The physical notecards drive home the important information, graphs, tables, definitions, etc. After reviewing all of my slides, flashcards, and notes I will complete any practice sets or exams available that way I can test my knowledge for the actual exam. If I feel I am particularly struggling with a topic or an exam, I will enlist the help of my roommates. Teaching someone else information is the best indicator that you know the information yourself. Also, having someone else quiz me tends to add pressure to get the answer correct, or at least retain what I'm getting wrong. This way of studying is time consuming, but has been most beneficial for me. After all, you earn the grade you work for and cramming information only to forget it after an exam is not the point of a college education. Naturally, some subjects come easier to me than others, so I can shorten my methods and/or materials.

Savannah from West Virginia
College Sophomore
West Virginia University