Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My favorite test preparation practice is answering questions from my peers. I started this in middle school because my peers would ask me to explain math problems. As I continued this practice, I came to notice my understanding of the material grew as well.
This method helps in multiple ways. First, to explain a concept I must be able to verbalize my thought process. I often feel as if I understand a concept, only to realize I do not when explaining. By explaining, I can reflect on my understanding from the different points of view of my peers.
These different points of view are extremely helpful for my studying. A friend could have a simpler, more effective approach to solving a problem. Without interacting with them, I would never find out. By helping my peers, I can share my thoughts on a problem as well as listen to theirs.
Finally, by observing the mistakes my peers make, I can prevent myself from making the same mistakes. Knowing a potential mistake, I can decrease the chances of making that mistake because I will be cautious not to.
A limitation of this preparation method lies in its compatibility with certain subjects. For instance, a subject that requires the understanding of theory behind knowledge works well with this method. An example of such a subject is math: understanding the Pythagorean theorem will create less room for error compared to memorizing the formula. By teaching others, I can develop my understanding of concepts. Since this method deepens the understanding of theory, it is not as effective for subjects that are heavily based on memorization, such as history. Performance in these subjects does not improve drastically from increased understanding. This stems from the fact that there is no single correct answer to a historical question; therefore, understanding a single theory is less valuable than memorizing three conflicting theories. I always use this method because it works from a different point of view compared to other methods.

Takayoshi from South Carolina
High School Senior
Greer High School