Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When I have a test to prepare for, I first make a goal chart with weekly goals, and long term goals as well. This allows me to work harder as I have something to work towards, whether that means finishing one chapter in one week, or taking a practice test. I like to assort all the notes I have on the topic, and go over that before I begin studying other sources. Then, I watch educational videos so I can get a sense of the different outlooks of the topic. I have my personal notes on the side while watching these educational videos, so I can expand on each topic.
After I have gotten a better understanding of the material I need to know for the test, I tend to go back to previous worksheets with problems and questions and rework them out, so I can see where my faults were when I did these worksheets prior to the more extensive studying, and if I have understood the content correctly. I think this part is the most crucial because it is an application of what I have learned and allows me to gauge if I was able to comprehend what I needed to learn.
Another practice I utilize while preparing for tests and exams is studying in increments and then applying what I studied before moving on. This preparation practice helps your mind stay engaged in studying rather then zoning out or becoming unfocused while scrolling through an article, or flipping through a book. Many of my peers have expressed how they do not process the information that they are trying to prepare for, and this simply leads to the studying they have done to be not only a waste of their time, but also a bad habit. This is because students tend to have an established way of preparing for things, and they consider the time they spent "studying" rather than considering how much of the material they have retained.
Overall, my test preparation practices are the best to keep your mind engaged while you study, and also guarantee that you are retaining whatever you have studied.

Sharan from Virginia
High School Senior
Broad Run High School