Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I am in the final semester of earning an economics degree at The New School University. Along the way, I quite a few courses in philosophy. As I write this, my GPA is 3.9. The test prep practices I have used for success in my program are as follows.

Firstly, I read the relevant texts several times. On my first read, I highlight parts of the text that stand out as important to me. On my second read, I use a different color highlighter to note important parts I missed the first time around. I also bring a pencil with me on my second read, and write small interpretive notes next to highlighted passages that I have a particular thought about. On my third read, I jot down the most important highlighted passages on a piece of paper (or on my computer's note taking app). I also take any small notes I jotted down via pencil and write them in next to the passages on my piece of paper.

Secondly, I take whatever passages stuck out to me and put them in my own words. In doing this, I usually try to tie the concept into something that is significant in my own life. Moreover, if the concept being communicated is particularly important, I will create some commentary on the relevant passage. In that commentary, I usually note whether or not I agree with what is being said in the passage, and why I agree or disagree with it.

Thirdly, I talk about the texts with my classmates. We go over general ideas, core principles, technical minutia, and our judgement about what the text is claiming. We share our agreements, criticisms, and flashcards. By the time we have gone through all the content and discussed thoroughly--quizzing each other or working out equations if need be--we are almost always ready for the test.

Simon from California
College Junior
The New School University