Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

In preparation for tests, I make a notecard of notes as if I would be able to use it for the test. Even though I will not be able to rely on it for the actual exam, this forces me to look over important information and summarize in a way that I will be able to remember the information during the test. Rewording the information to fit on the notecard also helps me to recall the information during the test without the use of a notecard. Even if I am confident in the information that will be tested, I use this method in order to cement the material into my brain and to review everything that will be on the test to ensure that I do not miss any important information. Overall, developing a "cheat sheet" that I won't be able to use on the test is the most effective method that I have found helps me to prepare for tests.

This method specifically works for me because I best remember information spatially. For example, when I recall information during a test, I think about where in the textbook I first read the information. By using this notecard method, I can remember the information based on where it is placed on the notecard in relation to other information. In practice, this tends to help most on tests that I am less prepared for because if I am unable to recall information, I can remember that it was near a different piece of information on the notecard I made in preparation for the test. Visualizing the notecards I have made for tests have helped me innumerable times because I can recall putting the information on the card and where it is. Because of this, I can recall information quickly on tests if I have to think about where I wrote down the information. This method also helps me to study because I struggle with studying by just sitting down and reading textbooks. By making a notecard with central and important ideas that will be presented on the test, I am still reviewing the information, but now with an objective to complete instead of rote memorization of text.

Katherine from North Dakota
High School Senior
Central Cass