Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The best way for me to study has to be a process 1 week in advance, or further if it's more information to memorize:
1) Put on a OST from Studio Ghibli or a slow jazzy piano video on you tube. It has to be lyric-less, so I don't focus on the words, but I also have something that runs in the background, so when I get anxious or feel uninspired or don't want to work, there is music to accompany me. But that's it for outside / entertainment.
2) Go over the diagrams per chapter first, to get the general gist of it first, then begin to read and go over.
3) once I'm done with a section, summarize it in my own words and make sure that it makes sense.
4) rinse and repeat.

This works for me because I am forced to recall and remember parts that don't make sense and summing it up in my own words is easier on the brain, in more normal/casual words. This is best exemplified by old literature, where it's easier to remember when we say, like for Romeo and Juliet: "Two rich, underage, kids fall in love, trouble ensues, they both die." It's short, and you'd use more detail than this normally, but you get the gist.

And! memorizing is simply useless. I can read for hours and hours, but it won't make sense in my brain unless I actively think about and it, and think : "does this make sense?". It's a bit harder to do, but a real time saver. I highly recommend!

Jessica from California
High School Senior
Torrance High School