Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Is there really a right way to study for a test. I think it depends on the student and the type of learner you are. For myself, I am a pretty organized individual and I like all my assignments written in my planner. For tests, I would say I really like using flashcards for any sort of test or assignment that has words that need to be memorized. Flashcards seem to be the best method for me. Just taking the time to rewrite the words and meanings is just double learning to me. Then practicing with the flashcards helps learn the words and their meanings. Another method that works well for me would be just rewriting the notes I have taken in class. It helps me to remember and relearn what was taught for that lesson. So overall I again think it's just what works best for the student and what type of learner they are. I am good at memorizing, so using and making my own flashcards work best for me for preparing for tests.

Valary from Ohio
High School Senior
Deer Park High School