Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The way one prepares and studies for exams is extremely important. Each student has a specific way of processing information in order to do well on their exams. Do they do better studying while listening to music? Or with the background noise of TV? Or do they need complete and utter silence? Studying, for me, entails a three-step process that helps me to reinforce what I have learned and ace my exams.
After taking extensive notes in class, part of my studying process involves really diving into those notes afterwards. As a way to thoroughly digest and retain the information, I re-write my notes. This is step one. I use a notebook or make up my own flash cards. I’m indirectly studying the information as I go over everything again, while it’s fresh in my mind. I remember the information much better through the re-writing of my notes; it really reinforces what I have just learned.
As the exam date approaches, I am ready to get down to the actual studying of the materials. This is step two. I get comfortable with my notes, re-written notes, textbooks, etc. and begin to study it all. I don’t necessarily need it to be completely quiet; I sometimes have music playing lightly in the background. I give myself enough time before the exam date to go over everything and feel quite prepared after this step.
The third step in my exam studying process is to enlist someone to “test me” on what I have just spent a lot of time reviewing, if possible, only when I am absolutely ready to be “tested,” in other words, when I’ve studied enough. While in high school, my go-to person was my mom, who would ask questions, give me clues and help me to keep the information in my brain.
No matter what a student does to prepare for an exam, the main thing is that they are adequately prepared to ace it. My three-step process has helped me do extremely well on many exams throughout my education and I hope it will help me to win this scholarship. Thank you for your consideration.

Domenica from North Carolina
College Sophomore
Drexel University