Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I’ve always been a naturally good test taker. I never really felt the need to study because I knew I could rely on my memory and get good grades. That all changed my junior year. During my junior year, I started taking Pre-Calculus which was the hardest class I had taken at that point. The first test we took in class that year I ended up failing. It wasn’t like me to fail so right away I knew I had to change something. From that test forward I tried multiple different studying methods to see what worked for me. I tried just looking over my notes and reviewing old content, but that didn’t really help me. Using Khan Academy helped a lot, but I still didn’t feel like that was the best method for me because sometimes our teacher taught differently than how they explained it on the website. The study method that worked the best for me was teaching other people. This surprises a lot of people because it’s such a “non-traditional” way to study. Although, in order to teach somebody else you have to make sure you fully understand the content. This proved to really help me and my classmates do better. Working in a group also helped better the studying process. If someone didn’t understand one part of a concept, most likely someone else did and could help them understand it. By the time the test would roll around we were all well-prepared to take it. In addition, another method that’s proven to help me is studying the things that you know the least about first. If you understand a concept really well in any content area it won’t do you any good to study it for hours when there’s stuff that you don’t understand. Prioritizing what you need to focus on most will help you get the best out of your study sessions. Both of these methods have helped me improve my test-taking ability but the most important thing to remember is to be persistent in your studying. It's best if you do it every day to ensure the best results.

Jordynn from Virginia
High School Senior
T C Williams High School