Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Learning how to study is one of the most important things you need to learn for high school and college. There are several teachers with multiple teaching styles so in order to study well for all of them a student has to have a system that works for him!
The first thing I do is attend class. It is really difficult to succeed if you are not in class. Reading other people's notes or even getting notes from the teacher is one dimensional and sometimes hard to understand without the lecture or discussion that goes with the notes.
The next study strategy is to take good notes using an outline method. My goal is to get as much information as I can without writing down every word because that is almost impossible. I want to try and comprehend what I am hearing while writing the words down so that when I look at the notes later, they jog my memory as to what was said in the class. If I am just writing down words and not comprehending then it will be difficult to go back and understand my notes.
Last, I review my notes in short chunks and then process that information by adding notes or making study cards based on what the teacher has suggested we study for or what is most important to the topic. Chunking and processing are keys to remembering large amounts of information for a test. And, WOW-is there a lot of information in college!
Once I have the important information pulled out, then I just review and study or join a study group to talk about what is going to be on the test with others in class using my notes and study cards.
Thank you for considering my application!

Caden from Texas
College Sophomore
Concordia University Texas