Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When preparing for a test I like to do certain steps leading up to the test. The first thing I do is write down all topics that will be on the test or may be on the test. This allows me to break up my studying and keep track on what I need to know. For each topic I will take notes neatly from preferably a test book or rewrite notes from class. I make sure my notes include an outline and lots of subsections that would allow me to efficiently study what I’m writing. I also like to watch YouTube PowerPoints and get additional notes from there. The best way for me to learn is through writing and listening. So the notes from the video with the online lectures allow me to fully understand the topics I will be tested on. Once I have all
of my notes in an notebook neatly, I will create Flashcards that lay out all the definitions for the topic. Flashcards are a great way to test yourself on information and it helps me a lot! Leading up to the exam, I will use my flash cards with friends and quiz each other which helps us see if we really remember the information in a fun, competitive way. Although Flashcards help me test myself efficiently, I like to take practice quizzes online where I’m graded at the end. Using my results from the quizzes and the flash cards I don’t know. I get the topics I don’t fully understand and I retake notes on the topics I don’t know. I rewrite the topics I don’t know which allows me to review things I need more practice on therefore i will be fully prepared. After I will use Flashcards again to quiz myself ruling out the ones I know. These methods allow me to ensure I know all information covered on a test. Everyone learns different and your learning style has an huge impact on how you should study. Because I learn best from writing and lectures I take notes and watch online lectures. This allows me to study to my best ability and get the best results possible.

Audrianna from New York
High School Senior
Highschool for Arts and Business