Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I personally think I have great test preparation practices. For a test, I usually study what the test will be about. For example, when I was about to take the TSI to enter college, I planned to get the most ready I could get to pass the test and get admitted into college. The test had three parts, the reading math, and writing, and had different studying techniques to study for each part. For the reading part of the test, I practiced by reading different books of different genres to help me perfect my reading and understanding skills. The technique that helped me the most was making small notes at the end of each paragraph that I read to summarize and get a better understanding of what the paragraph was about. When I started reading the different books, I memorized all of the characters and highlighted their names and made notes of who they were and what their role was in the book. After, I finished reading the books, I wrote a three page summary of all the characters and everything that happened to have a small re-cap of what the book was about. Now for the math portion, I decided to practice solving problems of different lengths, and also word problems. I went over the different ways of solving equations, adding and subtracting fractions, finding variables, and many more. I also studied my old notebooks from high school to get a better understanding and to not forget what I had learned in my algebra classes. I even tried to make my own problems to solve for myself and see if I understood the material. Finally for the writing part, I wrote several different essays to put my skills into play. I researched some interesting writing topics to write long essays on and to make my thoughts and ideas go out of the box. I also watched writing skill videos on YouTube to see how I could better my writing skills or how to become a better writer in general. All of these techniques were very helpful to the point where I passed all of the parts to the test during the first try.

Annalie from Texas
College Freshman
Lone Star College