Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

At least once a day I am asked for my quizlet username and receive each request as a compliment to my self-proclaimed expertise. Quizlet is essentially an online flashcard generator. That being said, my favorite test preparation practice involves both creating and reviewing flashcards. The creation of each flashcard simultaneously organizes information into my brain in a manner parallel to my visual learning style. Reviewing the flashcards allows an overwhelming amount of information to hone in and make a home in my brain. I'm able to separate the easy concepts from the hard. With the more tiresome, memory-based questions I find obscure pneumonic devices helpful. As for frustrating application questions, playing out a skit in my mind where the concept has the lead role individualizes the concept and makes for a memorable laugh come test day. Plus, studying becomes pure entertainment when my imagination receives an invitation. As recalling each flashcard becomes easier, my confidence boosts. The last step I implement on occasion of mastering tedious information entails teaching concepts back to my poor brother or an imagined audience. Speaking into existence my newly acquired knowledge helps either confirm test readiness or pull out specific questions for deeper review. The last step in my teaching career of said information is to teach the test, because it has lots of questions!

Mary Peyton from South Carolina
High School Senior
Augusta Christian Schools