Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I had the opportunity to have an older sibling who had recently taken the test by the time I was ready to take it. The first time I took the test, I was very nervous and I believe it affected my performance. Knowing this, I waited almost a year before taking the test again and spent time studying my first ACT test and the online practice questions. I also asked some friends who had done very well on the test if they had any tips or tricks that could help me get rid of test jitters. Taking their advice, which included eating a good breakfast before the test, taking a nutritional snack for the break, and chewing gum before and during the test, I re-took the ACT and my composite score went up 4 points. Tips like these and others can be found easily, and though sometimes they are more to trick your brain into calming down, I believe they helped me significantly to get over some of my nerves before the test.

Catherine from Oklahoma
High School Senior