Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

In the Mometrix Test Preparation website, my favorite test preparation practice that they provide is the online courses because it contains all of the other listed preparatory practices that they have which contain both the flashcards and study guide. Before a test, my teachers always recommend my classes to use flashcards and review it to refresh our memory when we take a test. This method of preparation works for me sometimes because it is difficult to memorize a certain topic for a test, such as vocabulary, when I am anxious to take it. Repetition of flashcards helps with memory but I believe that study guides help me more because it gives a brief overview of what to expect when I take the test or quiz. It contains all the information I need and I can simply flip through a few pages and highlight what is important so I can get back to it when I forget about it. When I use Mometrix, they supply me with online courses that incorporate both the flashcard and study guide technique. I also like this because it is flexible and easy to access when I need it. It takes away my nerves before taking a test because I get to not only resume from where I left off, but I can access whatever lesson or take a practice test to ensure that I understand the topic that I am learning. I believe that I am great at memorization and therefore because of the easy access that Mometrix has, I can memorize the and practice and learn whenever I want to. Because of this, my grades have improved overall and my studying skill are getting better because of time management and engaging lessons.

Francine from Florida
High School Senior
South Plantation High School