Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

In school, I have always been a competent student. Because I always had straight A’s throughout my school years, I had no study skills. I never had to try for these grades either. However, that all changed when I signed up for AP Biology sophomore year.
My school was going through a change of teachers, so the new teacher allowed students to join after only taking Biology 1. She did not require chemistry credits. College Board states that prerequisites required for AP Biology are both biology one and chemistry. This meant that along with taking, in my opinion, one of the hardest AP classes, I was also behind from the start. I was not the only student in this predicament. More than half of my class had yet to take chemistry. When I started the summer homework, it was like looking at Greek. I did not understand what the textbook was telling me.
On top of all this, that April, the teacher strike in Oklahoma occurred. Teachers in Oklahoma went on strike for better pay. This had happened in other states as well, such as West Virginia, Arizona, and many more. This was challenging, as the two AP classes I had were not prepared for the strike. My Biology teacher gave us homework to do during the strike, which was challenging because she could not explain the homework to us in person.
Fortunately, during the strike, we met up frequently to go over what we learned. we created a study group and enlisted some of the students that had taken chemistry to give us a crash course in chemistry. We would watch YouTube videos on different processes or charts. It was a collaboration that I had not experienced before. All our preparation paid off. During the AP test, I thought that I was doing something wrong because the test appeared to be too easy. When the AP scores came around, I was excited to see that I passed!
This experience taught me how to organize and work with a study group. It also taught me people skills, which I need to survive and thrive in the real world and beyond.

Emma from Oklahoma
High School Senior
Enid High School