Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My favorite test preparation is studying. Of course, that is what all applicants will say since you are test prep resource. However, studying is unique to each of us and we all probably go about this a little different. I have ADHD so when I study I need to do things that help me remember specifics. Repetition helps along with hearing it, seeing it, and reading it aloud. Getting as many senses as I can involved seems to make recall easier in testing situations where I am anxious. Using my senses helps with facts and details, such as dates, names and places; however, what helps with the bigger ideas and writing essays is forming an opinion and thinking about what is the application of what I am learning. Sometimes finding an example I know from personal experience helps me think about the bigger idea and makes it more relatable and easier to write about.
As part of my ADHD I had to learn to read faster. I am a slow reader, although I like to read, my slowness was always an obstacle that made reading difficult on a timeline for school. I have been more worried about that for college, so I took a course that helped me read faster and still comprehend what I was reading by using key words and key sentences. I was able to speed my reading up in timed tests and increase my comprehension with practice. This helped me during my senior year for classes and ACT tests.
The key I have found for test prep is studying with as many senses as I can, such as seeing, hearing, and doing both together by reading it aloud. Recognizing my weaknesses, slow reading, helped me find resources to improve my skills, making it easier and further reducing test anxiety I already had.

Joshua from Missouri
High School Senior
Lafayette High